1st Phase - Abstracts

Authors are asked to submit their abstracts giving information about themselves in form of a short vita and giving information about the topic their abstract is related to. Abstracts are invited for oral presentations, poster presentations and Pecha Kucha presentations. Please choose your option when submitting the abstract.The abstracts will be spread to reviewers that have been selected based on their expertise and knowledge concerning the topics. For each session topic 5-10 reviewers will pre-evaluate the abstracts online. After the online review the sessionĀ“s moderators will meet in Hamburg to discuss and rate the abstracts again and to develop a dramaturgy of presentations, posters and Pecha Kucha lectures.


2nd Phase - Full paper, Poster, Pecha Kucha

The accepted abstracts will be returned to the authors with comments from the reviewers and the authors will be asked for full papers, posters (pdf) or Pecha Kucha presentations (pdf). They will  be released digitally and will be available at the conference. After the conference the full papers, images from the peche kucha and poster presentations will be chosen for high quality publication that furthermore contains images and abstracts from the keynote speakers.