Abstracts are invited for oral presentations, poster presentations and Pecha Kucha presentations. Thus the abstract should clearly communicate the objective of the work, the results and their significance. Time and effort spent constructing a clear, concise, and well-written abstract will maximize the chances of paper acceptance. New and significant work is a prerequisite for paper acceptance. All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed. The abstract will be used by reviewers as the basis for acceptance of the paper. Authors of accepted papers are subsequently asked to submit Full Papers, Posters and Pecha Kucha Lectures.

Your abstract should contain:


Authors short vita

Please note important keywords like family name, first name, degree, address, mail address, telephone number and institution /office, country. And please give us a short summary containing your educational background, interests in teaching, research and/or praxis, choice of publications and/or realized projects.


The title of your paper or poster is on the first line(s). The title should indicate the topic of the paper or poster. It should be informative and short - the maximum length is 13 words or 100 characters. The title should be centred and printed in bold capital characters (11 points).
Keywords and key phrases

Up to ten keywords are permitted. List each keyword or key phrase separately on subsequent lines. Words from the title of the article may be included in the key words. Each key word should be useful as a point of entry for a literature search.


The single-spaced abstract should be no longer than 500 words. The abstract should provide a brief summary, including the objectives of the paper or poster, examples, major conclusions and consequences for education/research.


All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of references following the body text. The list of references should be carefully checked to ensure that the spelling of authors' names and dates are exactly the same as in the text. In the text, refer to the author's name and year of publication.